Salted Watermelon Jalapeno & Chia

Introducing N.B.T.F. Fruit Jerky! Give your palate a zesty kick with our Salted Watermelon Jalapeno Chia Fruit Jerky. With the sweetness of salted watermelon complementing the spiciness of the jalapeno and the texture of the chia seeds, this jerky flavor will give your palate a mouth-watering kick. Nibble on this fruit jerky on its own or pair it with sour ales, margaritas and tacos.

Now you can enjoy the rip and chew of traditional jerky in a fruity, mouth-watering, clean vegan snack. Sweet, spicy or tangy — no matter what pleases your palate, you’ll find it in our Fruit Jerky. Each pack contains 12g of plant-based protein, familiar fruits and superfoods as well a dash of an exotic flavor for one-of-a-kind snacking experience.

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As the first ever vegan fruit jerky, N.B.T.F.’s Fruit Jerky is packed with plant-based protein and is made from only real fruits, spices, seeds and nuts! We put our best fruit forward. Our guilt-free snacks are a fruity alternative to traditional jerky and each bite is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. Plus, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives!
  • Non GMO
    Non GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
  • No refined sugar added
    No refined sugar added
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